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Imagine having a single place where all your business worries can be resolved – whether it’s crafting a compelling website or scripting a captivating advertisement. Wouldn’t that be fantastic?

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About us

The pool of talents

Talent can hardly be found in a single place, and is often spread disparately across regions and multitude of disciplines. The Scripting Company is here before you as a collective of such talents. By leveraging on the opportunities thrown to us by information technology, we provide an array of services within the constraints of your budget and time by pooling in skilled persons spread across different regions from varied backgrounds and disciplines.

Our objective is to create an environment where our clients and colleagues experience not only happiness but also a profound sense of fulfillment.

Sachin Malayattil

Founder & CEO


Need-specific support for customer

Digital Marketing

The scripting company helps you to conquer a digital empire to ensure that your brand gets to the right audience.

Software Development

We develop the right software product for making your life easy so that you can focus and develop a quality business.

Content Creation

The scripting company ensures that the audience are entertained properly and the creativity of everyone is enhanced.


We aren't bound by services



We pride ourselves on being more than just a service-oriented company; we also offer a diverse range of products. One such product in our portfolio is e-commerce platforms.


Social Media

A product which is in the ideation stage is one social media platform which can help ordinary people to grow their life.


Media Production

We believe to entertain people through various means so that the stress of day to day life of common man is gone. We also believe that the entertainment industry can make future generation better by giving proper space to think.

Want to know more about our future?

Why us

The best experience of building a business

At The Scripting Company, we are dedicated to expanding your audience by not only employing effective marketing strategies but also by crafting the right products in the right manner, precisely when they are needed. Our approach ensures holistic growth and success for your business.


We believe that proper communication can enhance the relationships with and meet the expectation of customer.


Out of the box thinking can enhance the reachability of each products. We encourage everyone to be creative and gain out of the box rewards.


We understand the emotions everyone is going through. Hence we are building a space where every emotions have some space.


We are always fascinated about innovative ideas. We are building some space for the innovative ideas to grow.

The Routine

Designed to build a proper understanding first


Everything is started with a thorough discussion to understand the requirements better. This will be a long but not so long session before we start our working.


The discussions will be followed by questions to understand the product and requirements better. This will ensure nothing is left undocumented.


A proper research about the market and competitors will be done in order to help the client build the product and services better.


The scripting company will now start to build the product and services with an initial prototype followed by the actual one. This will be a continuous process.


We are committed to ensuring the utmost quality of products and services at every stage of development. Rigorous testing procedures will be implemented, and any issues that arise will be promptly addressed to maintain the highest standards of excellence.


We will provide post-launch support for the product whenever required. Additionally, we believe in the concept of continuous improvement, achieved through effective communication with the client to address their evolving needs and enhance the product accordingly.

Meet the LEADERS

Leading to the best

Sachin Malayattil



Creative Head

Rishe Mohan


The Scripting Company surpassed my expectations! Exceptional quality, engaging content, and timely delivery. Highly recommend their services for anyone seeking top-notch content solutions.
Abram Muhammed

More than just a service company

The Scripting Company is building relationships which lasts forever